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Light-Weight Pup Tent, easy to carry easy to set up.

According to  Google maps by bus Campinbrazil is the nearest campsite to Rio’s Maracana Stadium, Worldcuplatest has an article that proves it!

World Cup Camping £10 a night!

Don’t be ripped off book Campinbrazil Now

Camp Site Information.

      • Fair and affordable pricing, tents available on request.

Specifics for the upcoming World Cup:

Supporters should be aware that demand for affordable accommodation in Rio de Janeiro and surrounding area will be be very high. 

Rio is within driving distance of Sao Paulo and Belo Horizonte, though a good six or seven hour drive, which means that 19 separate groups of supporters are expected to pass through the city and there will not be enough hotel rooms to go round, prices are already crazy 500%+ 

We will be charging our normal high season rate!

      • Match Day Travel services to Sao Paulo & Belo Horizonte available on request. There are multiple long distance bus services available for cheap and quick solutions but it’s still a long drive.

      • Big screen TV for World Cup games, live entertainment available on request.

I am happy to try and organise anything that may help your stay in Brazil be a real trip of a lifetime. If you check out my blog expatbrazil.co.uk you’ll find articles that may be useful to getting familiar with Brazil.


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      1. Hi Carolina, thanks for the comment…the price is £10.00 per person per night and you can book on the site. The home page has a button “book now” which takes you to our booking agent freetobook.com, you pay via paypal. (You don’t need a paypal account you can do it as a one off.)

  1. Love to come to your campsite for at least a few days. I have 5 tickets for up in Recife but i would like to visit Rio etc or just chill and watch the footie

  2. I need information on your facilities. We have tickets in Salvador and Cuiaba but would like to spend a good bit of time around Rio.

  3. Hi, My wife and I have city specific tickets to the 5 games at Belo Horizonte. We are considering either camping in BH or camping in Rio and traveling to BH for every one of our games. Do you have an opinion of which would be smarter? Rio sounds more fun but I would not want to miss one of our games due to unreliable transportation. If you would recommend staying in BH do you know of a good place to camp there during the WC?

    1. Hello Adam, Great to hear that you and your wife will be heading to Brazil for the 5 games being held in Belo Horizonte. As the trip from our campgrounds to Belo Horizonte is approximately 530km and over 7 hours in drive time, it really wouldn’t make sense to take this on. I’m not aware of any camping facilities in Belo Horizonte, but would be happy to help you research as time permits. If you find your way to Rio and want to stay with us here at Camp in Brazil, just stay in contact, or use our booking button. Wishing you the best time and great travels.

      1. Hi Greg, just wondering, did you eventually get some tips on camping/staying in/around Belo Horizonte? I would be interested as well!

        1. Hi sorry don’t think Greg managed to find anything around that area, I’ll take a look and see if I can find anything in Portuguese. You may want to check out sites like Hostelworld.com they also do campsites as do Bookings.com.

  4. I have used the contact us section but missed this on the front page, me and my mate have got a 17 day holiday during the world cup and would be very interested in booking a stay. It sounds awesome what you would be offering and would love some general advice and have a few questions I would like to ask. My email is jamiebakerbeall@hotmail.co.uk if you could contact me that would be great.

  5. Hi, me and my friends are booking a camper van for the world cup but obviously we will need a safe place to park up and rest. Would you be able to accommodate us? It will be likely that we will have more that 3 people in the camper van, in which case 3 can sleep in the van and the other 1-3 people would sleep in a tent. If you know of any other suitable sites in the south of brazil in the vicinity of Rio and Sao Paolo I would greatly appreciate it.

    Please reply to my email address (dmgg23@gmail.com). I look forward to you reply.

  6. Hey there. I’ll be in rio with a friend from around the 4th-13th July. Would be great to have a place to stay in your campsite. Let me know if you have plaes available! Cheers.

    1. Yes you can book it as your own tent, as if your motorhome is a big tent,so it’s per person per night. We have an area suitable for parking motorhomes. That’s assuming your motorhome is not a huge american one, roughly what size is your motorhome please?

    1. Hi thanks for the comment. You can book on this site, top right hand corner is a green click to book button that takes you to our secure booking agent freetobook, payment is via paypal…any problems please email and I will help with pleasure. We’ll also be listed with booking.com soon. Look forward to welcoming you to Campinbrazil.

  7. This initiative is great!! Thank you so much for doing this man! So happy we found an affordable place to stay around Rio. We have booked 4 nights with 4 people around the Belgium-Russia game in Rio :-) 3 Belgians and 1 Ukrainian on our way! Looking forward to our days on your camping!!


    1. Hi Nick, Exactly what we are trying to do, thanks so much for saying so, you’re joy reaches out at me, how lovely! I’ve just checked your booking, do you realise it for just 2 people for four nights…but maybe your friends are booking separately if so please ignore. :) Look forward to meeting you all, cheers and here’s to a great world cup.

      1. Hi maggie thank you for your message! No I don’t realize that, I thought I booked 2 tent places for in total 4 people, for 4 nights, totalling £160. Can you please contact me by email?

        1. I’ll mail cheers, sorry for the late reply internet has been off…yes I have both tent pitches booked in now sorry for the mix up the booking came to me separately, you’re good to go.:)

  8. I just tweeted this. From comments so far it looks like you’ll have a “full house” for the World Cup. Best wishes!

  9. Hi Anouska, I sent a few emails and never heard back from you. I would like to book my stay with you.
    Thank you

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Natural eco campsite on the outskirts of the laidback surfer town Saquarema, near Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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